Barrios: Complete Guitar Music

Barrios: Complete Guitar Music
Composer Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1)
Artist Cristiano Porqueddu guitar
Format 6 CD
Cat. number 9204
EAN code 5029365920421
Release November 2010

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About this release

Brilliant Classics is proud to bring to the market this unique 6-CD Set dedicated to the original music for solo guitar of the Paraguayan composer Agustin Barrios Mangoré (1885 - 1944).
Barrios is still revered in Paraguay, where he is seen as one of the greatest musicians of all time by many. John Williams has said of Barrios: "As a guitarist/composer, Barrios is the best of the lot, regardless of era. His music is better formed, it's more poetic, it's more everything! And it's more of all those things in a timeless way”

Over Six and half hours of music recorded with the latest digital technology, more than 110 tracks that shape the most comprehensive recording dedicated to the original music of guitarist-composer best known in South America.

The set includes several “World Premiere Recordings” and recent discoveries, including 'Leyenda Guaraní', 'Rancho Quemado', 'Isabel', 'Bicho Feo' and many others.
Cristiano Porqueddu was born at Nuoro (Sardinia, Italy) on 1975 and begun the study of the classical guitar at the age of seven, having his father as a teacher. After graduating at the Conservatory with the highest marks, he was awarded many prizes in national and international competitions and attended several international courses and masterclasses, with the most important musicians, among which the guitarist composer Angelo Gilardino. From 1997 to 2003 he studied at the Superior Academy of Music ‘Perosi’, where he achieved the Academic Diploma and the Virtuosity Diploma with the score of excellence.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. A mi madre
  2. Abri la puerta mi china
  3. Aconquija
  4. Aire de Zamba
  5. Aire Popular paraguayo
  6. Aire Sureno
  7. Aires Andaluces
  8. Aires Criollos
  9. Aires Mudejares (Apuntes)
  10. Allegro sinfonico
  11. Altair
  12. Arabescos
  13. Armonias de America
  14. Bicho Feo (world première recording)
  15. Cancion de la Hilandera
  16. Capricho Espanol
  17. Choro da saudade

Disk 2

  1. Confesion
  2. Contemplacion
  3. Cordoba
  4. Cueca
  5. Danza en re menor
  6. Danza Guaranì
  7. Danza Paraguaya
  8. Diana Guaranì (world première recording)
  9. Dinora
  10. DIVagacion en imitacion al Violin
  11. DIVagaciones Criollas
  12. Don Perez Freire
  13. El sueno de la munequita
  14. Escala y preludio
  15. Estilo - Chinita
  16. Estilo Uruguayo
  17. Estudio de concierto
  18. Estudio de concierto No.2

Disk 3

  1. Estudio del Ligado (A Major)
  2. Estudio del Ligado (D Minor)
  3. Estudio en arpegio
  4. Estudio en si menor
  5. Estudio en sol menor
  6. Estudio inconcluso
  7. Estudio No.3
  8. Estudio No.6
  9. Estudio para ambas manos
  10. Estudio Vals
  11. Fabiniana
  12. Gavota al estilo antiguo
  13. Grano de arena (world première recording)
  14. Habanera
  15. Humoresque
  16. Isabel (world première recording)
  17. Jha Che Valle
  18. Jota
  19. Julia Florida
  20. Junto a tu corazon
  21. La bananita

Disk 4

  1. La Catedral 1 - Preludio
  2. La Catedral 2 - Andante religioso
  3. La Catedral 3 - Allegro solemne
  4. La samaritana
  5. Las Abejas
  6. Leyenda de Espana
  7. Leyenda Guaranì (world première recording)
  8. London Carapé
  9. Luisito
  10. Luz Mala
  11. Mabelita
  12. Madrecita
  13. Madrigal Gavota
  14. MaXIXe
  15. Mazurka apassionata
  16. Medallon antiguo
  17. Milonga
  18. Minueto en do
  19. Minueto en la No 1
  20. Minueto en la No 2

Disk 5

  1. Minueto en mi
  2. Minueto en Si Mayor
  3. Oracion por todos
  4. Oracion
  5. Pais de Abanico
  6. Pepita
  7. Pericon
  8. Preludio en Do mayor
  9. Preludio en do menor
  10. Preludio en la menor
  11. Preludio en mi menor
  12. Preludio en Mi
  13. Preludio en re menor
  14. Preludio Op.5 No.1
  15. Rancho Quemado (world première recording)
  16. Romance de la India Muerta (world première recording)
  17. Romanza en imitacion al Violoncello
  18. Sargento Cabral
  19. Sarita
  20. Serenata Morisca

Disk 6

  1. Tango No.2
  2. Tarantella
  3. Tua Imagem
  4. Un Sueno en la Floresta
  5. Una limosna por el amor de Dios
  6. Vals di Primavera
  7. Vals Op.8 No.3
  8. Vals Op.8 No.4
  9. Vals Tropical
  10. Variaciones sobre el Punto Guanacasteco
  11. Variaciones sobre un tema de Tarrega
  12. vidalita
  13. vidalita con variaciones
  14. villancico de Navidad