Kodaly: Music for Cello

Kodaly: Music for Cello

In István Várdai and Klára Würtz, Kodály has modern-day, native advocates who are fully conversant in and comfortable with his speech-inflected language. This is Várdai’s third album for Brilliant Classics.....

Corpus Christi: Music for the Octave of Corpus Christi in the Corpus Christi Royal College of Valencia

Corpus Christi

This programme is dedicated to this musical legacy and to the Kapellmeisters from the first century of the chapel’s existence, composers living and working in the height of the baroque era on the Iberian Peninsula.....

Scelsi: Music for Cello Solo

Scelsi: Music for Cello Solo

An aristocratic background, Eastern philosophies, private study with Modernist luminaries of the early 20th century and a determined pursuit of solitude: all in their ways contribute to the unique sound-world of Giacinto Scelsi’s music...

Alkan Edition

Alkan Edition (13CD)

Reclusive and eccentric, the French pianist–composer Charles-Valentin Alkan was also undoubtedly one of the greatest pianists who ever lived, and a composer who, like his friend and fellow-virtuoso Liszt, pushed the boundaries of what his instrument, and human pianism, could achieve...


Gliere review on MusicWeb

Glière: Piano Music

This is a bargain price entry from Brilliant. On this showing I hope that Gianluca Imperato will return to Glière and produce a set of the complete Glière piano music.

Composer Editions

Haydn Edition

Haydn EditionThe renowned French painter Jean Ingres proclaimed Haydn’s music to be the alpha and omega: ‘Whoe...

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Trumpet Concertos (1)

Trumpet Concertos (1)This is a sparkling set of concertos for the trumpet along with other pieces that highlight the i...

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Porpora, Monn, Haydn: Cello Concertos

Porpora, Monn, Haydn: Cello ConcertosAccording to Early Music Review, ‘Easy lyricism and musicality’ was a hallmark of Adriano Maria F...


Glass: Complete Piano Etudes

Glass: Complete Piano EtudesAlong with the two books of piano studies by Gyorgy Ligeti, the Etudes of Philip Glass have taken...

Piano Classics

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Piano Classics