Rimsky-Korsakov: Songs, complete

Rimsky-Korsakov: Songs, complete
Composer Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov
Artist Natalia Gerasimova soprano
Marina Choutova mezzo soprano
Alexei Martinov tenor
Mikhail Lanskoi baritone
Sergei Baikov bass
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 93971
EAN code 5028421939711
Release October 2009

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About this release

As was tradition in his family, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov trained to be a naval cadet. He continued to compose throughout his years in service and was appointed Professor of Composition and Orchestration at the St Petersburg Conservatory, despite having an extremely limited knowledge of music theory. He is now remembered as one of the most influential Russian Nationalist composers of all time, and was an integral member of ‘The Five’.

This release contains every song that Rimsky-Korsakov wrote during his lifespan. True Russian performances by soloists such as soprano Natalia Gerasimova and tenor Alexei Martinov.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. 4 Songs Op.2: 1. Shchekoyu k shcheke tï moyey prilozhis’ (Lean thy cheek to mine) Heine, trans. M. Mikhaylov
  2. 4 Songs Op.2: 2. Vostochnïy romans: Plenivshis’ rozoy, solovey (Eastern Song: Enslaved by the rose, the nightingale) A. Kol’tsov
  3. 4 Songs Op.2: 3. Kolïbel’naya (Lullaby) L. May
  4. 4 Songs Op.2: 4. Iz slyoz moikh (From my tears) Heine, trans. Mikhaylov
  5. 4 Songs Op.3: 1. Yel’ i palma (The pine and the palm) Heine, trans. Mikhaylov
  6. 4 Songs Op.3: 2. Yuzhnaya noch’ (Southern Night) N. Shcherbina
  7. 4 Songs Op.3: 3. Nochevala tuchka zolotaya (The golden cloud has slept) Lermontov
  8. 4 Songs Op.3: 4. Na kholmakh Gruzii (On the hills of Georgia) Pushkin
  9. 4 Songs Op.4: 1. Chto v imeni tebe moyem? (What is my name to thee?) Pushkin
  10. 4 Songs Op.4: 2. Gonets (The Messenger) Heine, trans. Mikhaylov
  11. 4 Songs Op.4: 3. V tyomnoy roshche zamolk solovey (In the dark the nightingale is silent) I. Nikitin
  12. 4 Songs Op.4: 4. Tikho vecher dogorayet (Quietly evening falls) A. Fet
  13. 4 Songs Op.7: 1. Mon golos dlya tebya i laskovïy, i tomnïy (My voice for thee is sweet and languid) Pushkin
  14. 4 Songs Op.7: 2. Yevreyskaya pesnya (Hebrew Song) L. Mey
  15. 4 Songs Op.7: 3. Switezianka (The Mermaid of Lake Switez) A. Mickiewicz, trans. Mey
  16. 4 Songs Op.7: 4. Kak nebesa, tvoy vzor blistayet (Thy glance is radiant as the heavens) Lermontov
  17. 6 Songs Op.8: 1. Gde tï, tam mïsl’ moya letayet (Where thou art, my thought flies to thee) unknown
  18. 6 Songs Op.8: 2. Noch’ (Night) A. Pleshcheyev
  19. 6 Songs Op.8: 3. Tayna (The Secret) after Chamisso
  20. 6 Songs Op.8: 4. Vstan’ soydi! (Arise, come down) Mey
  21. 6 Songs Op.8: 5. V tsarstve rozï i vina (In the kingdom of roses and wine) Fet
  22. 6 Songs Op.8: 6. Ya veryu, ya lyubim (I believe, I am loved) Pushkin
  23. 2 Songs Op.25 Heine, trans. Mikhaylov: 1. K moyey pesne (To my song)
  24. 2 Songs Op.25 Heine, trans. Mikhaylov: 2. Kogda glyazhu tebe v glaza (When I gaze into thy eyes)
  25. 4 Songs Op.26: 1. V porïve nezhnosti serdechnoy (In moment to delight devoted) Byron, trans. I. Kozlov
  26. 4 Songs Op.26: 2. Zaklinaniye (Evocation) Pushkin
  27. 4 Songs Op.26: 3. Dlya beregov otchiznï dal’noy (For the shores of thy native land) Pushkin
  28. 4 Songs Op.26: 4. Pesnya Zyuleyki (Zuleika’s Song) Byron, trans. I. Kozlov

Disk 2

  1. 4 Songs Op.27: 1. Gornimi tikho letela dusha nebesami (Softly the spirit flew up to Heaven) A.K. Tolstoy
  2. 4 Songs Op.27: 2. Ekho (Echo) F. Coppée, trans. S. Andreyevsky
  3. 4 Songs Op.27: 3. Tï i vï (Thou and you) Pushkin
  4. 4 Songs Op.27: 4. Prosti! Ne pomni dney naden’ya (Forgive! Remember not these tearful days) N. Nekrasov
  5. 4 Songs Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy: 1. O, yesli b tï mogla (Oh, if thou couldst for one moment)
  6. 4 Songs Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy: 2. Zapad gasnet v dali bledno-rozovoy (The west dies out in the pallid rose)
  7. 4 Songs Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy: 3. Na nivï zheltïye niskhodit tishina (Silence descends on the golden cornfields)
  8. 4 Songs Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy: 4. Usni, pechal’nyï drug (Sleep, my poor friend)
  9. 4 Songs Op.40: 1. Kogda volnuyetsya zhekteyushchaya niva (When the golden cornfield waves) Lermontov
  10. 4 Songs Op.40: 2. Po nebu polunochi (Across the midnight sky) Lermontov
  11. 4 Songs Op.40: 3. O chyom v tishi nochey (Of what I dream in the quiet night) A. Maykov
  12. 4 Songs Op.40: 4. Ya v grote zhdal tebya v urochnïy chas (I waited for thee in the grotto at the appointed hour) Maykov
  13. 4 Songs Op.41: 1. Nespyashchikh solntse (Sun of the sleepless) A.K. Tolstoy after Byron
  14. 4 Songs Op.41: 2. Mne grustno (I am unhappy) Lermontov
  15. 4 Songs Op.41: 3. Lyublyu tebya, mesyats (Melodiya s beregov Ganga) (I love thee, moon (Melody from the banks of the Ganges)) Maykov
  16. 4 Songs Op.41: 4. Posmotri v svoy vertograd (Look in thy garden) Maykov
  17. 4 Songs Op.42: 1. Shyopot, robkoye dïkhan’ye (A whisper, a gentle breath) Fet
  18. 4 Songs Op.42: 2. Ya prishyol k tebe s privetom (I have come to greet thee) Fet
  19. 4 Songs Op.42: 3. Redeyet oblakov letuchaya gryada (Elegiya) (The clouds begin to scatter (Elegy)) Pushkin
  20. 4 Songs Op.42: 4. Moya balovnitsa (My spoiled darling) Mickiewicz, trans. Mey
  21. 4 Songs Op.43 ‘Vesnoy’ (In spring): 1. Zvonche zhavoronka pen’ye (The lark sings louder) A.K. Tolstoy
  22. 4 Songs Op.43 ‘Vesnoy’ (In spring): 2. Ne veter, veya s vïsotï (Not the wind, blowing from the heights) A.K. Tolstoy
  23. 4 Songs Op.43 ‘Vesnoy’ (In spring): 3. Svezh i dushist tvoy roskoshnïy venok (Cool and fragrant is thy garland) Fet
  24. 4 Songs Op.43 ‘Vesnoy’ (In spring): 4. To bïlo ranneyu vesnoy (Early spring) A.K. Tolstoy

Disk 3

  1. 5 Songs Op.45 ‘Poetu’ (To the Poet): 1. Ekho (The Echo) Pushkin
  2. 5 Songs Op.45 ‘Poetu’ (To the Poet): 2. Iskusstvo (Art) Maykov
  3. 5 Songs Op.45 ‘Poetu’ (To the Poet): 3. Oktava (The Octave) Maykov
  4. 5 Songs Op.45 ‘Poetu’ (To the Poet): 4. Somneniye (Doubt) Maykov
  5. 5 Songs Op.45 ‘Poetu’ (To the Poet): 5. Poet (The Poet) Pushkin
  6. 5 Songs Op.46 ‘U morya’ (By the sea) A.K. Tolstoy: 1. Drobitsya, i pleshchet, i brïzzhet (The wave breaks into a spray)
  7. 5 Songs Op.46 ‘U morya’ (By the sea) A.K. Tolstoy: 2. Ne penitsya more (Not a sound from the sea)
  8. 5 Songs Op.46 ‘U morya’ (By the sea) A.K. Tolstoy: 3. Kolishetsya more (The sea is tossing)
  9. 5 Songs Op.46 ‘U morya’ (By the sea) A.K. Tolstoy: 4. Ne ver’ mne, drug (Do not believe me, friend)
  10. 5 Songs Op.46 ‘U morya’ (By the sea) A.K. Tolstoy: 5. Vzdïmayutsya volnï (The waves rise up like mountains)
  11. 4 Songs Op.50 Maykov, after modern Greek poems: 1. Deva i solntse (The Maiden and the Sun)
  12. 4 Songs Op.50 Maykov, after modern Greek poems: 2. Pevets (The Singer)
  13. 4 Songs Op.50 Maykov, after modern Greek poems: 3. Tikho more goluboye (Quiet is the deep blue sea)
  14. 4 Songs Op.50 Maykov, after modern Greek poems: 4. Yeschyo ya poln, o drug moy milïy (I am still filled, dear friend)
  15. 5 Songs Op.51 Pushkin: 1. Medlitel’no vlekutsya dni moi (Slowly drag my days)
  16. 5 Songs Op.51 Pushkin: 2 Ne poy krasavitsa, pri mne (Do not sing to me, o lovely one)
  17. 5 Songs Op.51 Pushkin: 3. Tsvetok (Withered flower)
  18. 5 Songs Op.51 Pushkin: 4. Krasavitsa (The Beauty)
  19. 5 Songs Op.51 Pushkin: 5. Nenastnïy den’ potukh (The rainy day has waned)
  20. 4 Songs Op.55: 1. Probuzhden’ye (Awakening) Pushkin
  21. 4 Songs Op.55: 2. Grechanke (To a Grecian Girl) Pushkin
  22. 4 Songs Op.55: 3. Snovideniye (The Dream) Pushkin
  23. 4 Songs Op.55: 4. Ya umer ot schast ’ya (I died from happiness) L. Uhland, trans. V. Zhukovsky
  24. 2 Songs Op.56 Maykov: 1. Nimfa (The Nymph)
  25. 2 Songs Op.56 Maykov: 2. Son v letnyuyu noch’ (Summer Night’s Dream)