Mozart: The Early Operas, Il Re Pastore

Mozart: The Early Operas, Il Re Pastore
Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Artist Johanette Zomer Aminta
Francine van der Heijden Elisa
Marcel Reijans Agenore
Musica ad Rhenum
Jed Wentz conductor
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 92342
EAN code 5028421923420
Release April 2006

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About this release

In addition to his mastery of instrumental and sacred works, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most celebrated operatic writers in music history. In Il rè pastore, a relatively early opera from the then nineteen-year-old composer, we see the beginnings of genius in a man who was later to become a true master of the genre.

Il rè pastore was commissioned in 1775 for the visit of Austria’s Archduke Maximilian Franz to Salzburg. Written in just six weeks, the opera is based on a libretto by Pietro Metastasio in which Alexander the Great (Alessandro) discovers that young shepherd Aminta is the rightful heir to the throne, taking it upon himself to restore the boy to power. Regardless of the composer’s youth, several moments in the opera show hints of the more mature Mozart, including the aria ‘L’amerò sarò costante’ in which rippling strings and lush orchestration are combined with a poignant, yearning vocal line. Another highlight is the glorious ensemble finale of Act II, a feature that would become a vital characteristic of Mozart’s later operas.

Musica ad Rhenum has earned a special place in the early music world, with critics describing the ensemble’s performances as ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘exhilarating’. The group are joined by a fantastic set of vocal soloists, with Johanette Zomer assuming the role of Aminta and Alexei Gregoriev playing Alexander the Great.

Other information:
- Recorded September 2001, Maria Minor Church, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
- From the Complete Mozart Edition: Il Re Pastore, early opera of the then 19 year old genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
- Excellent performances on original instruments by Musica ad Rhenum, led by early music specialist Jed Wentz. Soprano Johannette Zomer is widely regarded as one of the leading sopranos in Baroque and Classical repertoire, having collaborated with Philippe Herreweghe, William Christie, Ton Koopman, René Jacobs and Paul McCreesh.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Overture
  2. Scena I : Aminta: Intendo Amico Rio
  3. Scena I : Recitativo Aminta, Elisa: Bella Elisa? Idol Mio?
  4. Scena I : Aria Elisa: Alla Selva, Al Prato
  5. Scena Ii : Recitativo Aminta, Agenore, Alessandro: Perdono Amici
  6. Scena Ii : Aria Aminta: Aer Tranquillo E Di Sereni
  7. Scena Iii : Recitativo Agenore, Alessandro: Or Che Dici Alessandro?
  8. Scena Iii : Aria Alessandro: Si Spande Al Sole In Faccia
  9. Scena Iv : Recitativo Tamiri, Agenore: Agenore? T”arresta
  10. Scena Iv : Aria Agenore: Per Me Rispondete
  11. Scena V : Recitativo Tamiri: No: Voi Non Siete, O Dei
  12. Scena V : Aria Tamiri: Di Tante Sue Procelle
  13. Scena Vi : Recitativo Elisa, Aminta: Oh Lieto Giorno!
  14. Scena Vii Scena Viii : Recitativo Agenore, Elisa, Aminta: Dal Più Fedel Vassallo Recitativo Aminta, Elisa: Elisa!-amin....
  15. Scena Viii : Duetto Elisa, Aminta: Vanne A Regnar Ben Mio

Disk 2

  1. Recitativo Elisa, Agenore: Questa del campo greco è la tenda maggior
  2. Atto Secondo Scena I : Aria Elisa: Barbaro! Oh Dio Mi Vedi
  3. Atto Secondo Scena Ii : Recitativo Agenore, Aminta: Nel Gran Cor D’alessandro
  4. Scena Iii / Scena Iv : Recitativo Alessandro, Aminta: Per Qual Ragione Resta Il Re Di Sidone / Recitativo Agenore, Aless....
  5. Scena V : Recitativo Aminta: Oimè! Declina Il Sol
  6. Scena Vi Recitativo Agenore, Aminta: E Irresoluto Ancora : Rondeaux Aminta: L’amerò, Sarò Costante
  7. Scena Vii-viii : Recitativo Agenore, Elisa: Uscite, Alfine Uscite
  8. Scena Ix Recitativo Agenore, Tamiri: Povera Ninfa! : Aria Tamiri: Se Tu Di Me Fai Dono
  9. Scena X : Recitativo Agenore: Misero Cor!
  10. Scena X : Aria Agenore: Sol Puo Dir Come Si Trova
  11. Scena Xi-xiii : Aria Alessandro: Voi Che Fausti Ognor Donate
  12. Scena Xi-xiii : Recitativo Alessandro, Tamiri, Agenore, Elisa, Aminta: Olà! Che Più Si Tarda?
  13. Scena Xi-xiii : Coro Elisa, Tamiri, Aminta, Agenore, Alessandro: Viva L’invitto Duce