Mozart: Gehn wir im Prater, Secular Canons

Mozart: Gehn wir im Prater, Secular Canons
Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Artist Chamber Choir Of Europe
Nicol Matt conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94783
EAN code 5028421947839
Release December 2013

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About this release

Mozart considered canon-writing an essential compositional skill. Though canons are often small chamber works to be performed in company, Mozart’s sketches of some of these works show that the composer carefully considered them before completion, giving them as much thought as his larger and more famous works.

This collection includes Mozart’s complete canons. The works vary in instrumentation and character; among the vocal ones are puzzle canons (which show one line of music and text, along with only the entry points of the other parts), the ambitious 12-part V’amo di core and the multi-lingual Bona nox! Bist a rechta Ox. Mozart’s sense of humour is demonstrated in the two canons written to the daringly-named text of Leck mir den Arsch, as well as in the Difficile lectu mihi mars et jonicu difficile which, provided that the singer has the right accent, provides much hilarity. Aside from the vocal canons, there are several written for instruments, including the Adagio in F major, composed for two basset horns and bassoon.

The vocal canons are performed here by the acclaimed Chamber Choir of Europe, directed by Nicol Matt. The collection also boasts performances by the Klarinetten-Trio der Musikschule Achern-Oberkirch and distinguished soloists of the Württembergischen Philharmonie Reutlingen

Other information:
- Recorded November 2002, Alte Kirche Fautenbach, Germany.
- That Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not the angelic Wunderkind living in his musical heaven of divine inspiration is proven by his secular canons, which he wrote as a personal pastime entertainment. This is the other side of the genius, essential in order to get the complete picture of Mozart the man and musician.
- Not all canons bear titles like “leck mir den Arsch”, some others are extremely witty and inventive musical jokes.
- Expertly sung and performed by the Chamber Choir of Europe, conducted by Nicol Matt.
- Contains notes on the composer and works and contains sung texts.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Adagio in F Major, K. 410
  2. Leck mir den Arsch in B-Flat Major, K. 233
  3. Lieber Freistädtler in G Major, K.232
  4. Canon, K. 508a No. 1
  5. O du eselhafter Martin in F Major, K. 560b
  6. Bona nox, bist a rechta Ox in A Major, K. 561
  7. Canon, K. 508a No. 2
  8. Leck mich im Arsch in B-Flat Major, K. 231
  9. Canon, K. 508a No. 3
  10. Kyrie in G Major, K. 89
  11. Alleluja in C Major, K. 553
  12. Ave Maria in F Major, K. 554
  13. Dona nobis pacem, K. 109
  14. Canon, K. 508a No. 4
  15. Heiterkeit und leichtes Blut in F Major, K. 507
  16. Hei wenn die Gläser, K. 89a
  17. Canon, K. 508a No. 5
  18. Essen, trinken in G Major, K. 234
  19. Auf das Wohl aller Freunde in F Major, K. 508
  20. Canon, K. 508a No. 6
  21. 4 Puzzle Canons, K. 89a: No. 1, Incipe
  22. 4 Puzzle Canons, K. 89a: No. 2, Cantate Domino
  23. 4 Puzzle Canons, K. 89a: No. 3, Confitebor tibi
  24. 4 Puzzle Canons, K. 89a: No. 4, Tebana bella
  25. Canon, K. 508a No. 7
  26. G’rechtelt’s enk in G Major, K. 556
  27. Gehn wir im Prater in B-Flat Major, K. 558
  28. Canon, K. 508a No. 8
  29. V’amo di core in G Major, K. 348
  30. Lacrimosa son io in A Minor, K. 555
  31. Caro bell’idol mio in A Major, K. 562
  32. Nascoso è il mio sol in F Minor, K. 557
  33. Difficile lectu mihi Mars in F Major, K. 559
  34. Canon, K. 508b
  35. Seht, Sie ist dahin in C Minor, K. 229
  36. Selig, selig alle in C Minor, K. 230
  37. Heil dem Tag in D Major, K. 347
  38. Canon for 2 Violins, Viola and Bass, K. 191
  39. Horch, ihr süßes Lied in B-Flat Major, K. 562a
  40. Lebet wohl, K. 228
  41. Sinkt die Nacht, K. Anh. 109d