Monteverdi & Frescobaldi: Salve Regina, Newly discovered Pieces

Monteverdi & Frescobaldi: Salve Regina, Newly discovered Pieces
Composer Claudio Monteverdi, Girolamo Frescobaldi
Artist Il Pegaso ensemble
Maurizio Croci organ & artistic direction
Christian Immler bass
Mirko Guadagnini tenor
Makoto Sakurada tenor
Evangelina Mascardi theorbo
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94286
EAN code 5028421942865
Release August 2012

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About this release

Claudio Monteverdi and Girolamo Frescobaldi were two of the most influential musical figures in 17th-century Italy; while the former’s boundary-pushing madrigals, operas and sacred works changed the course of Baroque vocal music irrevocably, the latter was one of the first – and most prominent – composers to devote serious attention to composing for the keyboard.
This new recording celebrates the influence that these two composers continue to exert over performers and audiences today – and the fascination that their music inspires – through a selection of motets and instrumental pieces, performed with precision and authority by Il Pegaso and Maurizio Croci. Of particular interest are a handful of new discoveries: three Marian antiphons by Monteverdi, preserved in a music print
held at the Biblioteka Uniwersytecka in Wroclaw, Poland, and pieces drawn from a recently-unearthed notebook of Frescobaldi’s, including early stages of extant works.

With the addition of several better known compositions, this intriguing collection illuminates some less familiar aspects of both composers’ oeuvres, and places recent musicological discoveries within reach of listeners. In their debut recording, the new ensemble Il Pegaso, led by Maurizio Croci, deliver performances invested with passion and expertise.

Other information:
- A rare and exciting opportunity to hear recently-discovered pieces by Monteverdi and Frescobaldi, performed by experts in 17th-century Italian music.
- The debut recording by new ensemble Il Pegaso.
- Recorded in February 2012.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Regina Caeli a due tenori e basso (Salve Regine del Sig. Claudio Monteverde)
  2. Aria detta ‘La Frescobalda’ – Monicha – Balletto (Paris autograph / Balletto from I Libro di Toccate, 1637)
  3. Salve Regina a due tenori e basso (Salve Regine del Sig. Claudio Monteverde)
  4. Toccata (Paris autograph)
  5. Salve Regina, tenore solo (Ghirlanda Sacra, 1625)
  6. Capriccetto Galante (Capricci, 1622)
  7. Salve Regina a due tenori (Selva morale e spirituale, 1640/41)
  8. Aria detta ‘La Frescobalda’ (II Libro di Toccate, 1637)
  9. Laudate Dominum, basso solo (Messe e Salmi, 1650)
  10. Toccata con il contrabbasso ovvero pedale (Torino manuscript)
  11. Salve Regina, tenore solo (Seconda raccolta de’ Canti Sacri, 1624)
  12. Balletto (Paris autograph)
  13. Corrente (Paris autograph)
  14. Recercar secondo (Recercari, et canzoni franzese, 1615)
  15. Laudate Dominum, tenore solo (Selva morale e spirituale, 1640/41)
  16. Toccata avanti la Romanesca (Paris autograph) – Romanesca (anon.)
  17. Partite sopra Passacagli (II Libro di Toccate, 1627)
  18. Toccata (Paris autograph)
  19. Salve Regina a due tenori e basso (Salve Regine del Sig. Claudio Monteverde)