MISTERIO, Ritual music for an uncertain age

MISTERIO, Ritual music for an uncertain age
Composer Antonella Barbarossa, Giacomo Puccini, Gaspare Spontini, Hector Berlioz, Jean Sibelius, Muzio Clementi, Marco Ciannella
Artist Accademia Barocca Dorica
International Ensemble de Córdoba
Francesco Chirivì flute, transverse flute & concert master
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 9267
EAN code 5029365926720
Release May 2012

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About this release

A society whose origins date back to the late-16th century, freemasonry has always viewed music as a powerful tool for communicating its fundamental message: to encourage a moral and ethical approach to life. While Mozart is undoubtedly the most famous composer associated with the movement, this engaging CD reveals some of the many others who were involved or whose work conforms to the society’s ideologies.

This collection begins with a world premiere recording on period instruments of two works by the Italian opera composer and conductor Spontini. As well as featuring various unpublished compositions by the contemporary Marco Ciannella, such as his Suite for flute and piano, the collection also explores Clementi’s little-known Symphony in B flat before visiting Puccini’s Crisantemi (a single, dark-hued elegy originally written for string quartet) and Sibelius’ Andante festivo – the composer’s most apparently religious statement, full-throated and hymn-like in sound.

Although comprising highly varied music that reveals the diversity of styles embraced by freemasonry, this collection is also striking for its pervading sense of beauty – a beauty that is the essence of the society’s ‘column of harmony’. A charming assortment of carefully selected works that gives equal standing to the famous and less well-known.

Other information:
- As many composers had affinities to the Freemasonry, this CD presents a fascinating journey through the works of some well-known and lesser-known composers: Berlioz, Spontini, Clementi, Puccini, Sibelius, Ciannella and Barbarossa.
- New recording made in 2010, on period instruments by the Accademia Barocca Dorica, and the Ensemble de Cordoba.
- Includes booklet notes in English and Italian.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Notturno concertato: I. Andante un poco sostenuto – Allegro vivace
  2. Notturno concertato: II. Largo - III. Rondo: Allegro grazioso
  3. L’enfance du Christ, Op. 25: I. Allegro moderato - II. Andante espressivo - III. Allegro vivo – Andante
  4. Suite for flute and piano: I. Melodia Arcaica
  5. Suite for flute and piano: II. Passepied
  6. Suite for flute and piano: III. Minuetto
  7. Suite for flute and piano: IV. Pavana
  8. Suite for flute and piano: V. Giga
  9. Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 18 No. 1: I. Allegro assai
  10. Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 18 No. 1: II. Adagio
  11. Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 18 No. 1: III. Minuetto
  12. Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 18 No. 1: IV. Allegro assai
  13. La musica del tramonto
  14. Cristantemi (string orchestra version)
  15. Misterio I
  16. Misterio II
  17. Misterio III
  18. Musica rituale 1: Moderato
  19. Musica rituale 2: Lento
  20. Andante festivo (string orchestra version)