Mandyczewski: Lieder, Gesänge and Waltzes

Mandyczewski: Lieder, Gesänge and Waltzes
Composer Eusebius Mandyczewsky
Artist Christian Lambour
Christina Baader
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94735
EAN code 5028421947358
Release December 2014

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About this release

Born in Czernowitz (a region now part of Ukraine) and educated in Germany, Eusebius Mandyczewski was a gifted musician best known for his work as a conductor and musicologist, helping Grove to compile a book on Beethoven’s symphonies and having a hand in the Schubert Gesamtausgabe, among other examples. As well as his scholarly work, Mandyczewski was also a talented composer. Indeed, his admiration for Schubert, as well as Brahms, a close friend of his, is evident in this assembled collection of Lieder and Gesänge, where the two composers’ influences (particularly Schubert’s nature‐inspired song tradition) are clearly heard. Also included on this disc are works for piano four hands; 13 sparkling waltzes by Mandyczewski that are brought to life by piano duo Christian Lambour and Gert Hecher. It is only now that Mandyczewski’s exceptional talents in composition are beginning to enjoy the attention they deserve, with all six performers on this disc being enthusiastic interpreters of the composer’s works. Danish soprano Dénise Beck specialised in Lied studies and is an established performer of this repertoire, having given recitals throughout Europe, including at the world‐famous Musikverein in Vienna. Joined by mezzo‐soprano Christina Baader, praised recently in the German press for her “great commitment and masterful technique”, as well as pianist Christian Lambour, who has already released a disc of Mandyczewski’s works, this release is a must‐have for any lover of Romantic Lieder looking for new repertoire to explore. Ilia Korol and Lehel Donáth lend excellent support to the soloists, adding beautifully resonant strings to the lyrical melodies.

CD premieres of songs and instrumental music by Mandyczewski!
Eusebius Mandyczewski (born in Ukraine, but lived and worked in Germany) was an important musician, musicologist and publisher/editor in the 19-th century. He was an assistant of the famous Grove, and helped compiling editions of Schubert and Beethoven. A close friend of Johannes Brahms it is no surprise to find a strong influence of his genius friend in Mandyczewski’s works. There is a constant lyrical flow in the selection of songs, as presented on this disc, romantic songs in the tradition of Schubert, in Brahmsian colours and harmonies: pure beauty!
Sung with great dedication and love by sopranos Denise Beck and Christina Baader, expertly seconded on the piano by Christian Lambour, playing an instrument from Brahms’ time. A real find for adventurous music lovers! Booklet provides excellent liner notes, and rare photographic material.

Other information:
Recorded in 2013 and 2014 at Klavier‐Atelier Gert Hecher, Vienna.
Performed on period instruments.
Notes on the composer and the music.
Rare photos of the composer.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Wasserstille
  2. Rumänische Lieder, Op. 7, No. 15: Einst
  3. Birkelein
  4. Bitte
  5. Rumänische Lieder, Op. 7, No. 2: Herzenswunsch
  6. Vom heil’gen Nil
  7. Schlehenblüte
  8. Rumänische Lieder, Op. 7, No. 9: Frage
  9. Lang deckte meine Seele
  10. Op. 3, No. 1: Dem aufgehenden Vollmonde
  11. Geleite mich
  12. Rumänische Lieder, Op. 7, No. 3: Maienglöckchen
  13. Frühlingslockung
  14. Geige und Wind
  15. 13 Waltzes and Finale
  16. Abend
  17. Op. 3, No. 2: In der Dämmerung