J.S. Bach: Clavier Übung (dritter Teil)

J.S. Bach: Clavier Übung (dritter Teil)
Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Artist Matteo Messori historical organs
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 94201
EAN code 5028421942018
Release March 2011

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About this release

‘Third part of the Clavierubung consisting of various preludes on the catechism and other hymns for organ: For lovers and especially for connoisseurs of suchlike works, to refresh their spirits, provided by Johann Sebastian Bach, Royal Polish Court Composer and to the Elector of Saxony, and to the Director Chori Musici in Leipzig. Published by the author’

The 3rd book of the Clavierubung was the first collection of organ music published by Bach, and is his largest collection of works for the organ. The 1st part of the Clavierubung appeared in 1731 and consisted of the Partitas BWV 825-830 (published as his Opus1), and was followed by t6he 2nd part in 1735 which included such well know works as the Concerto in the Italian Style and the French Overtures BWV 831 and 971. Parts 1&2 are for harpsichord, the latter for an instrument with 2 keyboards. The 3rd part calls for an instrument with 3 keyboards (i.e the organ pedals), and requires an organist of considerable ability to perform its works. It is interesting that the inscription refers specifically to connoisseurs, a reference to the greater ability required from the performer.

The work has been likened to a German Organ Mass, and although it does contain a Kyrie and Gloria, but there is no Agnus Dei. There is a lot more music than would be required for an organ mass. In fact the collection can be divided in to 3 parts – a Missa brevis (Kyrie and German Gloria) which form a Lutheran Mass – there are 9 arrangements of these settings. Second there is a group of 12 arrangements of Catechism songs. The 3rd section moves away from the church and into more domestic music. The Four Duets can be played on either the harpsichord or organ, and this suggests their suitability for domestic music making.

This is Bach’s magnum opus for organ.

Other information:
• Comprehensive booklet essay with details of the instruments.
• Recording made in 2005
• Awarded with a Diapason d'Or

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Praeludium, BWV 552/I
  2. Kyrie, Gott Vater In Ewigkeit, BWV 669
  3. Christe Aller Welt Trost, BWV 670
  4. Kyrie Gott Heiliger Geist À 5, BWV 671
  5. Kyrie Gott Vater In Ewigkeit, BWV 672
  6. Christe Aller Welt Trost, BWV 673
  7. Kyrie Gott Heiliger Geist, BWV 674
  8. Allein Gott In Der Höh Sey Ehr, BWV 675
  9. Allein Gott In Der Höh Sey Ehr, BWV 676
  10. Allein Gott In Der Höh Sey Ehr, BWV 677
  11. Dies Sind Die Heilgen Zehen Geboth, BWV 678
  12. Fugetta Super Dies Sind Die Heiligen Zehen Geboth, BWV 679
  13. Wir Gläuben All An Einen Gott, BWV 680

Disk 2

  1. Fugetta Super Wir Glauben All An Einen Gott, BWV 681
  2. Vater Unser Im Himmelreich, BWV 682
  3. Vater Unser Im Himmelreich, BWV 683
  4. Christ Unser Herr Zum Iordan kam, BWV 684
  5. Christ Unser Herr Zum Jordan kam, BWV 685
  6. Aus Tiefer Not Schrei Ich Zu Dir, BWV 686
  7. Aus Tiefer Not Schrei Ich Zu Dir, BWV 687
  8. Iesus Christus Unser Heyland, Der Von Uns Den Zorn, BWV 688
  9. Fuga Super Iesus Christus Unser Heijland, BWV 689
  10. Duetto I, BWV 802
  11. Duetto II, BWV 803
  12. Duetto III, BWV 804
  13. Duetto IV, BWV 805
  14. Fuga, BWV 552/II