Frescobaldi Madrigals – Book 1 (Vol. 6)

Frescobaldi Madrigals – Book 1 (Vol. 6)
Composer Girolamo Frescobaldi
Artist Modo Antiquo
Bettina Hoffmann conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93793
EAN code 5028421937939
Release November 2009

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About this release

Volume 6 of this path-breaking series, the first to record every extant work by Girolamo Frescobaldi, focuses on the secular madrigals. These works (he wrote one book, and evidently hoped to write more) are no less innovatory than the keyboard works that so impressed and influenced J.S. Bach. The texts feature the usual parade of lovelord shepherds and sighing maidens. Love unrequited is the keynote, but Frescobaldi's musical response to the expressive affekt is more charming than heart-rending: these are not the passionate and personal declarations of Monteverdi or Gesualdo.

These madrigals were Frescobaldi's first published music, and therefore evidently music of which he felt justifiably proud. Their language is doubtless shaped by his education and service in the northern Italian cities of Ferrara and Mantua, which thanks to the patronage of families such as the famous Gonzagas was a cosmopolitan hotbed of artistic and creative endeavour.

Frescobaldi met and became friends with Peter Philips, the noted English composer of madrigals who had settled in the Netherlands, and Philips's delicacy of imagination can be heard in this collection.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Secular madrigals: Fortunata per me, felice aurora
  2. Secular madrigals: Ahi, bella si, ma cruda mia nemica
  3. Secular madrigals: Se la doglia e’l martire
  4. Secular madrigals: Da qual sfera del ciel fra noi discese
  5. Secular madrigals: Perchè spess’a verder la vostra luce
  6. Secular madrigals: Amor ti chiama il mondo
  7. Secular madrigals: Tu pur mi fuggi ancora
  8. Secular madrigals: S’a la gelata mia timida lingua
  9. Secular madrigals: Vezzosissima Filli
  10. Secular madrigals: Perchè fuggi tra salci
  11. Secular madrigals: Giunt’è pur Lidia il mio [prima parte]
  12. Secular madrigals: Ecco l’hora, ecco ch’io [seconda parte]
  13. Secular madrigals: Lidia, ti lasso ahi lasso [terza parte]
  14. Secular madrigals: S’io miro in te, m’uccidi
  15. Secular madrigals: Amor mio, perchè piangi
  16. Secular madrigals: Lasso, io languisco e moro
  17. Secular madrigals: Cor mio, chi mi t’invola
  18. Secular madrigals: So ch’aveste in lasciarmi
  19. Secular madrigals: Qui dunque, ohime, qui, dove
  20. Secular madrigals: Se lontana voi sete
  21. Secular madrigals: Come perder poss’io