Dvorák: Rusalka

Dvorák: Rusalka
Composer Antonín Dvorák
Artist Marcel Rosca bass
Ursula Füri-Bernhard soprano
Nelly Boschkova soprano
Walter Coppola tenor
Zagreb philharmonic orchestra
Academic choir ‘Ivan Goran Kovacic’
Alexander Rahbari conductor
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 93968
EAN code 5028421939681
Release December 2009

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About this release

It was by chance in 1900 that Dvorák came by the libretto for Rusalka by the poet Jaroslav Kvapil. It had been declined by two of Dvorak’s pupils, Nedbal and Suk, as well as J.B. Foerster. Dvorák was delighted with the libretto, and completed the score within a year. Rusalka was premiered in 1901 and has become Dvorak’s most popular opera. It was also the first of his operas to break free of the Wagnerian style that had permeated his earlier stage works. Here, he manages to use to great effect the Wagner of Die Walküre, and has infused that influence with some of his most daring and original music. The famous ‘Song to the Moon’ sung by Rusalka has become one of the most famous arias in all opera. Unaccountably Rusalka had to wait until 1950 for its UK premiere; the US premiere was in 1935, a ‘mere’ 31 years after the composer’s death.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Rusalka: Overture (Orchestra)
  2. Rusalka, Act 1: Ho, ho, ho! (Three Dyads/Watersprite)
  3. Rusalka, Act 1: Watersprite, my father dear! (Rusalka/Watersprite)
  4. Rusalka, Act 1: He comes here frequently (Rusalka/Watersprite)
  5. Rusalka, Act 1: O moon high up in the deep sky (Rusalka/Watersprite/Jeˇzibaba)
  6. Rusalka, Act 1: Your ancient wisdom knows everything (Rusalka/Jeˇzibaba)
  7. Rusalka, Act 1: Abracadabra! (Jeˇzibaba/Watersprite/Huntsman)
  8. Rusalka, Act 1: Here she appeared and again disappeared (Prince/Huntsman)
  9. Rusalka, Act 1: The hunt is over, return home at once (Prince/Naiads/Watersprite)
  10. Rusalka, Act 1: I know you’re but magic that will pass (Prince)
  11. Rusalka, Act 2: Well then, my dear boy (Gamekeeper/Turnspit)
  12. Rusalka, Act 2: A week now do you dwell with me (Prince/Foreign Princess)
  13. Rusalka, Act 2: Festive Music: Ballet (Orchestra)

Disk 2

  1. Rusalka, Act 2: No one in this world can give you (Watersprite)
  2. Rusalka, Act 2: White blossoms all along the road (Chorus/Watersprite)
  3. Rusalka, Act 2: Rusalka, daughter, I am here! (Watersprite/Rusalka)
  4. Rusalka, Act 2: Strange fire in your eyes is burning (Foreign Princess/Prince/Watersprite)
  5. Rusalka, Act 3: Insensible water power (Rusalka)
  6. Rusalka, Act 3: Ah, ah! Already you have come back? (Jeˇzibaba/Rusalka)
  7. Rusalka, Act 3: Uprooted and banished (Rusalka/Naiads)
  8. Rusalka, Act 3: That you’re afraid? Don’t be silly! (Gamekeeper/Turnspit/Jeˇzibaba/Watersprite)
  9. Rusalka, Act 3: Hair, golden hair I have (Three Dryads/Watersprite)
  10. Rusalka, Act 3: Where are you, my white doe? (Prince)
  11. Rusalka, Act 3: Do you still know me, love? (Rusalka/Prince/Watersprite)