De Visée: La Musique de la Chambre du Roy

De Visée: La Musique de la Chambre du Roy
Composer Robert de Visée
Artist Manuel Staropoli recorder
Massimo Marchese theorbo
Cristiano Contadin viola da gamba
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94154
EAN code 5028421941547
Release April 2011

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About this release

Little is known of Robert de Viseé (1655–1733). Even his birth and death places and dates are uncertain.What we do know is that this fine collection of Suites was published in Paris in 1716. It is, for its time and place, typically stylish music, often with a melancholy tinge.

The options available to a modern-day performer are wide, and our talented trio of Italian musicians here have opted for the most intimate possible scoring of recorder, theorbo and viola da gamba: a very French answer to the English viol consort, one might say. One contemporary manual advises would-be performers of such music: "If you want to play them completely, you will absolutely need a viola da gamba and a theorbo or a harpsichord, or both together."

The appetite for French music of the pre-Baroque era has never been higher: part of the early-music renaissance, naturally, and of its explosion on records, but also for the particular qualities of gentility, grace and elegance which this music embodies.

Other information:
- Includes booklet notes written by the artists.
- Repertoire currently unavailable.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Suite in C: I. Allemande
  2. Suite in C: II. Courante
  3. Suite in C: III. Gigue
  4. Suite in C: IV. Muzette, Rondeau
  5. Suite in C: V. Gavotte
  6. Suite in C: VI. Menuet, Rondeau
  7. Suite in A Minor: I. Prelude
  8. Suite in A Minor: II. Allemande: Grave
  9. Suite in A Minor: III. Courante
  10. Suite in A Minor: IV. Sarabande
  11. Suite in A Minor: V. Gigue
  12. Suite in A Minor: VI. Rondeau ‘La Montsermeil’
  13. Suite in D Minor: I. Allemande ‘La Royalle’
  14. Suite in D Minor: II. Courante
  15. Suite in D Minor: III. Sarabande
  16. Suite in D Minor: IV. Gavotte
  17. Suite in D Minor: V. Chacone
  18. Suite in D Minor: VI. Rondeau: Mascarade
  19. Suite in D Minor: Les Sylvains de Couperin
  20. Suite in G: I. Allemande
  21. Suite in G: II. Courante
  22. Suite in G: III. Sarabande
  23. Suite in G: IV. Gigue
  24. Suite in G: V. Menuet
  25. Suite in G: VI. Chacone
  26. Suite in G Minor: I. Allemande: Grave
  27. Suite in G Minor: II. Courante
  28. Suite in G Minor: III. Sarabande
  29. Suite in G Minor: IV. Gigue
  30. Suite in G Minor: V. Gavotte
  31. Suite in G Minor: VI. Passaquaille