D. Scarlatti: Complete Sonatas, Vol. IV (Sonatas Kk. 140-187)

D. Scarlatti: Complete Sonatas, Vol. IV (Sonatas Kk. 140-187)
Composer Domenico Scarlatti
Artist Pieter-Jan Belder harpsichord
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 92106
EAN code 5028421921068
Release April 2006

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About this release

Born in 1685, Scarlatti spent the majority of his career in the service of the Portuguese and Spanish royal families – with the latter appointment enabling him to devote his full attention towards composing for the harpsichord. This unusual cultural background accounts for why the Italian’s music, though contemporary with that of Bach and Handel, differs so much in comparison–Spanish dance rhythms (such as the flamenco), and folk tunes with Moorish and gypsy-like flavours, indicate that day-by-day-street life was a great source of inspiration to Scarlatti.

Written in single-movement form, the 555 works comprising the collection also reveal Scarlatti’s development of new playing techniques, including note repetitions and fast passages in parallel 3rds and 6ths, not to mention his important pioneering of structures – which in turn point to the impending emergence of the Classical style. They are performed with gusto by Pieter-Jan Belder, whose assured interpretation does full justice to this important body of late Baroque music.

Harpsichordist Pieter-Jan Belder needed seven years to record all of Scarlatti’s 555 sonatas for keyboard, but of course he succeded in this admireable task and the results are truly magnificent. This release is the fourth volume, containing the sonatas Nos. 140 - 187.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. K. 140 in D Major: Allegro
  2. K. 141 in D Minor: Allegro
  3. K. 142 in F-Sharp Minor: Allegro
  4. K. 143 in C Major: Allegro
  5. K. 144 in G Major: Cantabile
  6. K. 145 in D Major: Without tempo indication
  7. K. 146 in G Major: Without tempo indication
  8. K. 147 in E Minor: Without tempo indication
  9. K. 148 in A Minor: Andante
  10. K. 149 in A Minor: Allegro
  11. K. 150 in F Major: Allegro
  12. K. 151 in F Major: Andante allegro
  13. K. 152 in G Major: Allegro
  14. K. 153 in G Major: Vivo
  15. K. 154 in B-Flat Major: Allegro
  16. K. 155 in B-Flat Major: Allegro

Disk 2

  1. K. 156 in C Major: Allegro
  2. K. 157 in C Major: Allegro
  3. K. 158 in C Minor: Andante
  4. K. 159 in C Major: Allegro
  5. K. 160 in D Major: Allegro
  6. K. 161 in D Major: Allegro
  7. K. 162 in E Major: Andante/allegro
  8. K. 163 in E Major: Allegro
  9. K. 164 in D Major: Andante moderato
  10. K. 165 in C Major: Andante
  11. K. 166 in C Major: Allegro ma non molto
  12. K. 167 in F Major: Allegro
  13. K. 168 in F Major: Vivo
  14. K. 169 in G Major: Allegro con spirito
  15. K. 170 in C Major: Andante moderato e cantabile/allegro
  16. K. 171 in G Major: Allegro
  17. K. 172 in B-Flat Major: Allegro

Disk 3

  1. K. 173 in B Minor: Allegro
  2. K. 174 in C Minor: Allegro
  3. K. 175 in A Minor: Allegro
  4. K. 176 in D Minor: Cantabile andante/allegrissimo
  5. K. 177 in D Major: Andante moderato
  6. K. 178 in D Major: Vivo
  7. K. 179 in G Minor: Allegro
  8. K. 180 in G Major: Allegro vivo
  9. K. 181 in A Major: Allegro
  10. K. 182 in A Major: Allegro
  11. K. 183 in F Minor: Allegro
  12. K. 184 in F Minor: Allegro
  13. K. 185 in F Minor: Andante
  14. K. 186 in F Minor: Allegro
  15. K. 187 in F Minor: Allegro