Caruso: Guitarmosaics

Caruso: Guitarmosaics
Composer Giovanni Caruso
Artist Giovanni Caruso guitar
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 9247
EAN code 5029365924726
Release December 2011

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About this release

Giovanni Caruso’s Guitarmosaics is a collection of related, newly-composed works for guitar, inspired by a pair of pieces entitled Nostalgia and Ricordi passati, composed by Caruso in 2009. Written to conjure up a dense sound and Mediterranean feeling, Caruso incorporated multi-track guitar into these recordings, and this became the basis of the collection, inspiring Caruso’s subsequent compositions.

Influences that range from Marin Marais, rock music, the Sicilian countryside, and the dark emotions inspired by the death of Italian soldiers in Afghanistan combine to make these 12 pieces a colourful, virtuosic and deeply personal new work.

Other information:
- World premiere Recording, made in 2010, both written and performed by Giovanni Caruso
- A fascinating tour de force of recording multi-layered compositions for guitar, played by one person, but sounding like a guitar orchestra.
- Caruso is also a lutenist and conductor, and has studied Renaissance and Baroque lute and vocal technique. As well as making CD recordings, he has composed several soundtracks for film and television

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Guitarmosaics: Scogliere lunari
  2. Guitarmosaics: Nostalgia
  3. Guitarmosaics: Giano
  4. Guitarmosaics: Riverberi di mare
  5. Guitarmosaics: Plainte
  6. Guitarmosaics: Pulsazioni
  7. Guitarmosaics: Estasi d’amore
  8. Guitarmosaics: Percorsi lontani
  9. Guitarmosaics: Fuga Cannitello
  10. Guitarmosaics: Ricordi passati
  11. Guitarmosaics: Nella culla
  12. Guitarmosaics: Kabul